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​Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021.

There is a large part of me that wondered what today might look like.

Would we still be in a pandemic?

Would we still be operating under a federal administration that cared neither for people nor planet?

What emergencies due to the climate crisis will America be experiencing?

I had planned to write a piece about Earth Day and the fact that our survival is tied to the health of the planet, especially the ocean since it covers 71% of the Earth, provides the air we breathe and drives our climate.

This week has shown that no one needs another blog post from a white-led group about protecting the Earth. In a single day this week, we saw the U.S. capable of bringing a bare minimum of accountability for the murder of George Floyd and in the next moment, another killing, this time Ma’Khia Bryant, a Black child. What we need is an intervention to dismantle the white supremacy that pervades every part of our society – including environmentalism.

Some may say that white supremacy may not seem like a conservation issue, but it is. So instead of one more Earth Day post, we hope you will spend some time with us reading and engaging with some of the following ideas and experts who are speaking to how we root out white supremacy and how it shows up in conservation.

Then, take action. Any action.