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Healthy Ocean Coalition Joins In Calling on Congress to Fund Ocean and Coastal Restoration

The Healthy Ocean Coalition is proud to have joined over 110 organizations urging Congress to include $10 billion for ocean & coastal restoration and resilience projects.

Coastal restoration will be a key part of a new infrastructure economy and President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. Such projects will improve community resilience, provide opportunities for job growth, and increase economic vitality. When Congress and the Administration consider economic stimulus and infrastructure funding to restore the nation’s economy and address the climate crisis, a $10 billion coastal and ocean restoration program must be part of that package.

Increasing the resilience of ocean and coastal ecosystems is a key goal we believe the Biden Administration must have to truly undertake ocean climate action. Not only that, but these investments can help provide jobs, protect coastal communities from climate impacts, and provide environmental benefits for fisheries and marine wildlife.

You can read the letter here.