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The Healthy Ocean Coalition Applauds National Action on Climate

The Healthy Ocean Coalition applauds today’s giant leap forward by the Biden Administration in the fight for a just climate future. In a complete 180-degree turn from the previous administration’s focus on extractive uses and fossil fueled energy dominance, the Biden-Harris Administration launched our nation on a new course to tackle this crisis that impacts our communities, economy, international standing, and domestic security. By highlighting conservation, environmental justice, and clean energy jobs, this sweeping executive action helps us move beyond the past and toward our decarbonized future.

“The Healthy Ocean Coalition stands behind the Administration’s climate actions and supports the effort to finally tackle the climate crisis through ocean climate action,” says Executive Director, Sarah Winter Whelan. “We are particularly pleased to see the Administration set a goal to support protecting 30 percent of our land and waters by 2030 to help conserve biodiversity."

"Furthermore, it is incredibly refreshing to see the federal government once again prioritize robust stakeholder engagement with people who are impacted by the climate crisis." The Healthy Ocean Coalition has worked to connect grassroots and community voices into federal ocean policy for over ten years. "We are incredibly pleased to see the federal government understand and lift up the importance of hearing from diverse American voices."