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Welcoming June as National Ocean ACTION Month

A healthy ocean sustains us but all too often it goes uncared for or overlooked, threatening one of our best defenses against climate change. In order for us to benefit from the beauty and bounty that this special place provides, we must care for it as if it were family or a loved one. We already know the ocean has an amazing ability to heal itself — but only if we help to make that possible. For us to survive, the ocean must thrive.

We believe that we’re stronger and more influential together, as a community that loves the ocean. That is why, over the course of June, we are calling on you to help amplify a myriad of educational and advocacy initiatives to call attention to, take action on, and start discussions about ocean and climate issues that we all care so deeply about.

Why June? We believe every month is ocean month, but each year the Healthy Ocean Coalition, along with the broader ocean community, spends the month of June amplifying messaging about ocean and coastal issues to raise awareness and ramp up stewardship and action. Typically, these efforts are paired with a Presidential proclamation recognizing June as National Ocean Month. In fact, since 2006, U.S. presidents have made proclamations designating June as National Ocean Month. Here is where you can review all of the proclamations from 2006 to 2019.

The 2021 National Ocean Month Proclamation focuses on the dual priorities of conserving nature and environmental justice.

This year we know that education must be paired with immediate action. We depend on the ocean for our survival and we need to take action today to ensure its longevity (and ours) as we seek to heal our Earth from the impacts of climate change.

So we've decided to call June National Ocean ACTION month. Because not only do we need to understand the importance of the ocean to our very survival, we need to take action to broaden awareness and strengthen the voices calling for its protection. Because when we protect the ocean, we protect ourselves. We hope you'll raise your voices (phones, and keyboards) along with us.

If you need somewhere to get started, here are three easy things you can do today:

1. Sign up to become a healthy ocean advocate with the HOC, where you'll receive timely opportunities (but not TOO many) to communicate about and advocate for ocean conservation.

2. Send a letter to the Biden Administration, thanking them for creating the first ever national goal to fight the biodiversity and climate crises by conserving thirty percent of our lands and waters by 2030 while also urging them to take bold, swift, action around engaging communities around the country to find and protect their special places.

3. Tell your Senators and Member of Congress they must now take action to stand for the ocean and champion the Administration's America The Beautiful Initiative to conserve 30 percent of lands, waters, and ocean by 2030.

For the ocean!